PS4 & Xbox Compatibility Update

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 compatibility update

With our latest system update, we are pleased to announce that our Fortnite aim hack is now compatible with both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, if you have been waiting to give your Fortnite skills an instant boost, our new update should do the trick!

Fortnite is all the rage these days. The fast-paced, action-filled first-person shooter is taking over the gaming community by storm. It is offering stiff competitions to some of the most notable FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and giving them a run for their money.

However, due to its enormous user community base, the competition is exceptionally high. As such, earning your spot among the elite group of players is more difficult than what you might think. So, what is the best solution to climb your way through the Fortnite ranking ladder?

Two words – Fortnite hacks! Yes, we know it is not the most ethical solution. Nevertheless, it is certainly the easiest way to assert dominance over your opponents. And that is precisely what our Fortniteaim hack offers!

Our superior Fortnite aim hack comes packed with a diverse catalog of hacking features that allow you to gain numerous tactical advantages over your enemies. Some of our most notable hacking features include aimbot and ESP wallhack cheat codes that let you eliminate enemies relentlessly. 

The aimbot consists of unique features like triggerbot, aka auto-fire, and aimlock. The triggerbot hack will enable your weapon to fire automatically when your enemies enter your crosshair. On the other hand, the aimlock feature keeps your crosshair locked on the enemy at all times. This is especially handy if the enemies are moving quickly or jumping to avoid getting killed. 

The ESP wallhack is exactly what it sounds like – it lets you spot enemies behind objects/walls. To cut a long story short – no one can hide from you! You can read every movement of your enemies and anticipate their moves in advance. This way, you can sneak in from behind or catch them off-guard before they can make their next move.

With all these superior Fortnite tools (and much more), you can easily bully your enemies around irrespective of their ranks.

Frustrated about losing your rank every time to novice players on console? Our Fortnite aim will allow you to dominate the map and out-aim multiple targets without breaking a sweat. You do not even have to depend on your noob teammates. Instead, you can go up against multiple opponents and eliminate them in a breeze.

Our Fortnite aim not only offer superior features but they also unparalleled security and reliability as well. They are protected by a triple-layer security code base, which enables them to stay undetected from anti-cheat software. As a result, you can use our hacks on your streaming platform without arousing any suspicions.

Fortnite aim also run entirely on an external platform. This means you do not have to worry about the danger of adding any modifications to your game’s original files. You do not have to inject the hack DDL to your game, and you still get to enjoy its maximum perks. What more can you ask for?