The Best Guide for Fortnite Season 6

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So you finally caved, huh? You downloaded Fortnite. What changed your mind was the constant over saturation of memes and clips all over social media. Do all your friends play and you didn’t want to feel left out like that time you skipped school when Cardi B was at the assembly. In other words, you wouldn’t normally have given a shit but no one can shut up about it and you can’t help at least a little curiosity.

Have you bought the battle pass yet or do you still have your dignity? Whatever, doesn’t matter. You’re here so I might as well give you some pointers for your new addiction called Fortnite. You’re on the bus with your new rave skin that you spent $10 of your mother’s money on, ready for action. But first you got to decide where you’re gonna draw, about half the game will drop tilted towers and the rest will go for whatever big cities they can instantly drop to or dusty divot because of the new crack rocks in season 4.

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This spot seems to become less popular every day which leaves about 20 people to fill out literally everywhere else, obviously this isn’t 100% accurate but it’s pretty damn close. You might think tilted is the last place you want to drop when you’re first starting out, but I’d actually argued the opposite because so many people drop there. You can get a lot of practice fighting other players which you’ll obviously need to get better.

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Don’t shy away from fighting other people because you’re afraid of losing, keep fighting everyone until you’re not afraid anymore. You don’t consistently win games if you can’t consistently win fights no matter how sneaky you are with a bush you need to be sure to mix up your drop though and learn what few spots you like the most as you experiment with a few places. The places I like to drop when I’m not feeling like fighting my way through a literal clusterfuck, include ruins factories or Lonely Lodge.

If I’m feeling cheeky remember that most people drop right away so waiting for a later drop on the far side of the map will usually mean less players, therefore an easier time looting for you. When you’re looting always be listening for that angelic sound that emanates from chests, so you can maximize your chances of getting to your gear. Search all the ammo crates and perhaps most importantly, hit all the one-hit destructible items where you are to get as much material as possible. You can have all the aim in the world but if you can’t build, it doesn’t mean much.

I’ll go over a more complete guide to building in my next part to this guide, for now just learn how to build a one by one base with walls and a ramp, or at least a quick ramp with the wall to protect it when you’re in engagements.


Fortnite shield potions! If you’re not very experienced with third-person shooters, or like me, have aim as inconsistent as the plot of movie 43 you’ll want to search for some shields in the beginning so you can take some extra hits. Many shields get you 25 health each up to 50 total. You’ll have to find a medium pot for the remaining 50 or two slurps if you have nothing else. Slurps will also restore your health by 25 points over time which can come in handy.

If you only have bandages to get you to 75, get the full 100 from med-kits.

Lastly, there’s the glorious chug chug which gives 100 health and shield but takes 10 years to drink. If you’re confident in your first chest or two, don’t linger around the same house: Go start eliminating other players from the game so they don’t have time to find and use shield potions before you do. There’s a chance you’ll find jack-shit but a pistol and some bandages in the entirety of the house you drop in. A chance you’ll get everything you need in three chests is known as RNG or a “random number generator”. If anything goes wrong you can just blame RNG and nobody will question it. The randomness keeps the game interesting but it has the potential to screw you over pretty frequently which is what kept me from playing Fortnite for a long time. It’s not the only thing but that’s a topic for another post.

I know it’s pretty self-explanatory but you want to be in or near the circle at all times. Be sure you’re constantly aware of where you are on the map and where you want to move, so you don’t get caught with your pants down when the blue wall of death comes rolling in. You’re going to die a lot, but all you have to do is go back to the lobby and jump into the next game. Keep doing this enough times and there’s nowhere to go but up, especially if you learn how to build by reading the next part of this guide.


Guns in Fortnite are based on rarity from worst to best. The order is grey, green, blue, purple and finally orange. Fortnite is constantly updating and evolving so instead of going over every gun and what it’s good for, I’ll keep it simple and just tell you what has worked the entire time I’ve played.

Shotguns, shotguns, shotguns, especially at the start of the game! Shotguns in Fortnite are absolutely crucial to getting quick kills and avoiding damage. The pump shotgun is my personal favorite because of it’s one pump potential with a solid head shot at full health and full shield.

The TAC SMG is great for shredding through enemy building at close range, and the LMG can achieve the same effect but with less accuracy. You’ll also want to have a trusty rifle at your side at all times for mid-range engagements.

If you somehow missed it from the billions of memes, the Scar is your best option if you can find it. And when you do find it, be sure to orgasm over the mic to flex on all of your non scar players. Having snipers or assault rifles will do you just fine, otherwise burst can also be really lethal if you can hit the full burst. When it comes to keeping pressure on an enemy that’s building because of the slower rate of fire, so keep that in mind when building your loadout.

Bolt-action Snipers can be incredibly useful for easy knocks from far away, freeing you up to start a push or just straight up one tapping people from 200 meters. If you’re looking for the fastest way to break someone’s will and ruin their night then that’s the way to do it. The hunting rifle can achieve the same effect but it has bloom effects. If you shoot while moving and the last thing you want to do in a sniper battle is sit still, also semi-autos are for newbies unless you’re Dr.Lupo, he gets a pass.

The last thing I want to go over is splode aka the easiest way to win any squad game because of how effectively you can destroy enemy building while staying mostly safe yourself. Rocket launchers are great for hitting unsuspecting players for big damage leaving them embarrassed and dead. What you really want is a grenade launcher, if you get the distance to explosion down you can shred through enemy bases and kill them before they can say “still better than PUBG”.

Don’t underestimate how effective normal grenades can be if you don’t have anything better but the real god of grenade, the cream of the crop is hands down the boogie balm. No but for real, clingers have a blast radius of over 9,000 and can be stuck to players or on building for massive damage. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what else do you like and want to play around with more.

Hope you guys enjoyed this Fortnite guide. Until next time!

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