Fortnite Aiming Guide: Improve Your Aim Skills

Fortnite aiming guide 2019
Hey again guys and welcome to the master guide on how to improve your aim in Fortnite Battle Royale! Fortnite Battle Royale is a lot different than other shooters because there are so many more aspects to the game than just lining up your shots. With that being said you aren’t going to win much if you don’t get that basic essential part of the game down and hitting your shots.
Aside from using our Fortnite aimbot hack, there’s other things you can do to improve your aiming skills.
So today I am bringing you guys the master guide on how to improve your aim in Fortnite Battle Royale. This is going to be broken down into three parts and I’m going to try to get through each part as quick as possible. We’ll go over settings, in game tricks and general tips that help you improve your aim.

Fortnite Aim Skills

Alright so to start out for settings you’re going to want to make sure you have mouse acceleration disabled on your computer. This feature makes it so that when you move your mouse quickly your cursor will move increasingly faster. This can really interfere with your aim so to disable it you have to make sure it is set to OFF on your window settings as well as in your Fortnite Battle Royale game files. disable mouse acceleration
To do this in Windows first you’re going to want to go to your search bar in the bottom left and start typing pointer options until you see this pop up. Click on it and from there go over to the tab that says pointer options and make sure to deselect enhanced precision. Save that and you’re good there. Now to disable Mouse acceleration in your Fortnite Battle Royale client. Make sure you’re closed out of epic games and all Fortnite Battle Royale tasks on your computer.
Once that’s done you’re going to want to pull up the run function on your computer by holding the windows key and pressing R at the same time, once you’re here type in % AppData % and click OK. Now you’re going to want to navigate back from roaming to the app data folder.
When you’re here go to local Fortnite Battle Royale game saved config and then user settings. Make sure you open this with notepad and then change disable Mouse acceleration to true. Once you’re done with that save the document and then exit out. Before you leave though right-click on that document under the properties then general and attributes tab, turn on read-only and save it. Make sure the client does not automatically change this new mouse acceleration preference you’ve just set later on.


Okay now that we’re done dealing with Mouse acceleration, let’s go over some ingame settings in Fortnite Battle Royale. Once you’ve opened Fortnite the only two tabs will have to deal with in-game its help improve your a.m. Is the video and the game tab. The first two once you open your in-game settings the video tab is important because these settings will affect how smoothly your game runs and playing with that choppy framerate will undoubtedly make it harder to aim.
The game settings tab is home to your sensitivity and HUD size which can also be optimized to better your aim. Starting with the video tab it is crucial that you are playing in full-screen. Full-screen almost always will improve your framerate and actually on many PCs playing on windowed full screen or windowed instead of full screen will create an input delay where mouse movements in-game will occur noticeably longer after they are performed in real time which is obviously not desirable. You’re also going to want to make sure your game can run comfortably under at least 60 frames per second. In general as long as it doesn’t bother you I would recommend playing on the lowest quality settings, because while these settings do make the game look nice they can be very distracting and some of the lighting effects can actually hide enemy players depending on the skin they’re using.


So once again if you can turn these settings to low if your game is still struggling to run smoothly at 60 FPS on low settings. You can turn down your display resolution but I would warn you from going much below 720p or any other HD resolution because at that point some of the pixels can start to blend in around one another and it can be hard to distinctly see other players.
I’ll try not to stray too off-topic but another way you can prove how the game runs just by changing settings it’s transitioning over to a stretched resolution which is basically anything other than the conventional 16 by 9 aspect ratio that most monitors run on. I won’t show you how to do this because there are many in-depth guides and a whole range of resolutions out there to try. I can’t say that stretched resolution will make your character smaller and more zoomed out which is good because it will increase your field of view and allow you to see more players.
Structure will also increase the size of enemy players. Usually improve your FPS as well and it will decrease the size of your HUD allowing you to see more from the stance of improving your aim. It is a no-brainer to be playing outstretched but the cons tend to be that it can make the game look a little ugly, cause certain images to display weird in-game usually take some time to get used to and can sometimes be tricky to set up. If you can though I would definitely give structural resolution a try.
If you can’t deal with how much the game changes you can try minor reza’s before changing your wrist completely. Okay so that’s all for stress resolution just one more important setting though, in the video tab its motion blur. All this is going to do is blur your screen and make it harder for you to aim. So for sure turn this off.


All right now onto the game tab. Here the only two things I’m going to touch on are your mouse sensitivity and your HUD scale. HUD scale is a little easier and quicker to go over. Basically you want to go as low as you can while still being able to see your HUD. Comfortably turning it down will just allow you to see more around you and help you track people. If you can turn it down that’s definitely a plus. On the other hand sensitivity does come down to personal preference and will vary for different setups. I’m going to list out certain guidelines that you should probably be following when trying to find a good sensitivity. First off whatever you decide on you need to stay consistent I fell into the trap of constantly toggling my sensitivity up and down trying to figure out what I liked.
What you really need to do is pick a sensitivity and stick with it until you know it’s a specific problem or something that your current sensitivity is inhibiting. As a general rule make sure that if you move your mouse from the left under your mouse pad to the farthest to the right. You are doing around or more than a 360 degree turn and Fortnite Battle Royale going from the middle of your mouse pad to either the left or right edge. This will turn your character around completely 180 degrees. This way you don’t have to pick up your mouse to aim when you’re shot at. You can cover all angles around you.
Sensitivity is very subjective depending on what mouse pad and dpi you are running. I would say for your mouse pad, bigger is better for your mouse. You’re going to want to invest in a name-brand such as Razer Logitech. I wouldn’t use more than 1500 DPI on your mouse and point 15 vertical and horizontal sensitivity in Fortnite. I’ve always found it’s better to stay equal with vertical and horizontal sensitivity, but some people prefer otherwise, so I’ll leave that up to you.


Okay that should grab things up for the settings portion of the guide, and now we’ll go on to endgame tips to help improve your aim. When we’re talking about improving your aim in Fortnite we’re only really talking about a few guns because a lot of them matter right now. Just comes down to sprinting. So in this post I’m going to keep it to AR and shotgun. If you have the jump on the enemy always crouch while you shoot because crossing will actually decrease your bullet spread and reduce the time for first shot. Accuracy to reset when you’re aiming at someone always trying to go for upper body shots. That way you have a better chance of getting a head shot if you’re lining up a shot with an AR and the enemy can’t see you. You should wait until you can guaranteed hit their head using that first shot. Accuracy before you start firing with the shotguns. I think it is more important to take time to line up your shots, especially with a pump or heavy shotgun. Rather than shooting immediately when you spot the other player a lot of the time this means not jumping or even crouching in close quarters.
If that’s what you need to do to hit your shots you have to remember that if you’re jumping around in a build fight, yes, it may be harder to hit you, but that will also affect your own aim. So prioritize taking time and hitting your shots even if that means you have to slow things down and maybe pause in the middle of fights. It is generally okay to jump a lot when spring people with for example a drum gun or SMG. When in extremely close quarters but otherwise don’t do it. I could go on and on forever covering different guns and tips to use each one better. The best thing to do to get meaningful practice in game is to drop game after game into high density highly populated areas and fight as much as possible.
This strategy has been preached by ninja over and over again as well as shroud back when pubsey was first taking off. What I personally am NOT a big fan of is using external aim trainers on your browser or in other games to help try to improve your aim and Fortnite Battle Royale these aim trainers aren’t going to match your Fortnite Battle Royale sensitivity and don’t offer the same circumstances of aiming whilst under pressure at different heights with different guns. One way you can improve your aim in Fortnite Battle Royale if you get tired of dropping popular locations and die is by playing save the world. If you have it and you think that to practice with the same guns that are in the battle royale game mode that is all I have to say for in game strategies.


Lastly let’s move on to general tips in Fortnite that you should practice. Firstly whatever setup you have you should stay consistent with it. Try not to change desks mouse pads Mouses or any other things. If you don’t have to to improve your aim you’re going to want to decrease all the other outside factors that could negatively be affecting your progress. Secondly, make sure your arm is not hanging below your desk and your mousepad. If your elbows hanging below your wrist it’s going to be very hard to move your mouse with control and over a long distance. Make sure your elbow is supported and above your mouse pad. This way you can use your arm to assist your wrist while aiming .if you still need convincing of this take a look at any other Fortnite Battle Royale YouTubers face cams, especially professionals and look at their setups. You’ll consistently notice that their arms are always raised up above their mouse.
There’s also something to be said for keeping your hands warm while you play. Trying to aim while cold can make your movements very jittery, and its overall not ideal. So whatever way works for you try to keep your fingers and hand warm while you play. Having a clean mouse pad and mouse it’s also important, playing with either a worn down or dirty peripherals won’t help your aim at all.


And lastly before we conclude this aiming guide, we’re going to quickly go over mentality. Hitting your shots is all about confidence. Just like in sports if you miss a lot and get nervous you’re going to be jittery and all over the place with your shots. You need to expect to hit your shots and be confident with your aim, because getting nervous will undoubtedly cause you to lose control and miss more shots. Secondly you need to stay calm which can get harder and harder to the later you get into a game. You can’t let that affect you aiming and control process.
Crazy flick shots people hit on highlight montages happen when they mess up their positioning or aim beforehand and then have to compensate in very little time. The vast vast majority of the time you need to stay calm and control your emotions when aiming. That’s the mindset that will help you improve the most and better your accuracy.
Okay we’ve made it to the end of this aiming guide for Fortnite. Hope this helps you guys, thanks!

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