Please read through our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find you questions here, feel free to contact us.

Can I Get Banned?

It’s always a possibility if someone records you doing something really stupid. If you blatantly cheat and get 50 one shot headshots in a row, yes, you will probably get banned. Is the cheat detected? No. But you need to cheat SMART, and in a stealthy way.

Can I Pay With PayPal/Credit Card?

No, of course not. PayPal is scammers paradise for buyers (chargebacks once the cheat is downloaded..) and the same goes for CC payments. Cryptocurrency is secure and anonymous.

Does This Work on Consoles?

Yes, it works on PC as well as consoles, but you will need an empty USB flash drive that you can use just for the hack.

Can I Use Fullscreen Resolution?

Yes, our Fortnite hack works in all resolutions from window size to fullscreen.

My Anti-Cheat Is Interfering, Why?

This often happens with McAfee.. Please, just stop using it altogether. Probably the worst anti-virus ever sold. Either way, it’s just a false-positive since the external hack file is protected (like viruses also are).

Will The Hack Slow Down Fortnite?

No, our cheat is extremely light weight since it’s external. You won’t see any MS or reaction time difference running our hack.